Organic Hemp Farming in the United States Vs China


The potential for profit in the organic Industrial Hemp market is tremendous. The United States alone is believed to produce over ten million acres of industrial hemp, many of which are used for everything from building materials to fuel. The hemp industry produces jobs in the United States that would otherwise be going to people who are in need of them, but this is not all good news for the farmers and landowners who make their living from growing the hemp plants. If hemp can be grown on private property without being exploited by anyone else, the benefits to all involved seem to be endless.


But what is it about industrial hemp and cannabis that make it so appealing to investors? Can it really be that different from marijuana in terms of what it can do for you, the consumer? Is there any difference at all in what they can create, how they produce it, or how it is made using their products? These are questions that have been asked, answered, and explored by the experts in the organic agricultural and distribution of cannabis.


One thing is known all across the country and around the world: industrial hemp is one of the best plants to grow. It can handle some of the most extreme conditions imaginable when it is grown in the soil that it was designed for. From being grown without fertilizer or other additives for months at a time, to being fed special compost to help it grow and remain strong, organic industrial hemp production is nothing to scoff at. Even in its current state as an illegal drug, the hemp industry is growing at a rapid pace. For more facts about cannabis, visit this website at https://www.britannica.com/plant/cannabis-plant.


The biggest appeal to the farmers of organic industrial hemp is that it does not contain any trace amounts of the psychoactive effects that are found in marijuana. There is no danger of an overdose; there are no worries about becoming addicted to a substance that has so many health impacts associated with its use. There are no concerns over the user becoming addicted to some kind of nasty chemical or addictive substance. Be sure to find out more here!


One of the key arguments that the organic hemp industry from this homepage has made is that marijuana is not medicine, and it should not be treated as such. People do not misread the words of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, they know full well that marijuana is never going to be able to completely cure or eliminate some of the serious issues that exist with our mental health. The United States government has been very clear about the harmful side effects that will occur if the hemp extract is ever made into a drug. When people are faced with this choice, they should always pick the United States. It is more likely that the United States would be the only country in the world that would have an organic hemp cultivation industry, and that would mean that there would be very limited imports from China into the country.


In the end, the argument over whether the organic hemp extract could be used in America versus China has more to do with human health and body care products than anything else. Just think about it, if China can produce the perfect human organ, why can't we? And as far as the body care products go, we already know that they are better for you because they are more natural. So China cannot hurt us, and we cannot hurt them when we choose to use organics. That is the bottom line, and until someone writes a policy for the United States government stating that hemp seed is strictly prohibited from being imported into the country, we will simply continue to choose China over the United States based upon this evidence alone.